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Originally Posted by mr dave View Post
i don't see how generalizations about a religion based on a horrible stereotype has to do with much of anything either besides spreading more ignorance or an attempt at garnering attention.

which one are you?
Oh thank god, for a moment there I thought you were NOT gonna be a condescending douche. Thank you for never disappointing me.

I said "some" christians didn't I? I'm sure you noticed that and.... well of course you did, but acknowledging that would get in the way of being a self righteous twat accusing me of generalizing a whole group of people when I'm obviously only referring to a specific kind of person, wouldn't it?

Thanks a lot, captain jackass.

Also, I think this is a pretty worthy topic, I'm gonna be mad if it gets closed just because of you being a stupid prick who willingly ignores any point I try to make.

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