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Exclamation READ ME! About this Forum

This post is a remake of Ethan's old sticky.

Because this forum typically deals with topics that are often close to heart for many of us, discussions here sometimes get heated. If you see a post that offends you, please try to keep it civilized and treat others with respect. The rules apply just as much here as anywhere else on the forum and even if you get away with an insult, that doesn't mean we didn't notice. We do keep an eye on members even if we don't always moderate right away.

We'd like to keep discussions here somewhat intelligent, so please - if you make a post or a thread, make an effort. Please don't make threads where you simply post a video that sums up your argument rather than presenting it in text. This is a forum and if you can't write up your arguments in words, don't bother. Also, if you can - please provide sources when asked for.

Happy debating!
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