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Me being bored I dug through the older pages and found this, good thread.

I would see them under any circumstances, if I had to camp out for tickets for a month I'd do it. I would prefer to see them at a dingy club in 1990, maybe the Off Ramp Cafe in Seatle, right before they hit it big. I can't imagine what talking to Kurt or Krist would be like.

Alice In Chains
(With Staley)
Just to hear Staley's voice live would be the greatest thing ever. Preferably Unplugged, due to the fact I think it was their best live performance. But going to a huge AiC concert with good seats would also be an honor.

Operation Ivy
If I had to chose one punk show to go to, I'd decide on these guys in a heart beat. Seeing Jeese Michaels in action would be insane.

I can't imagine how much fun going to a Sublime gig would be. I'd like to go during their 40 oz to freedom days, probably some pavilion somewere in Long Beach California.
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