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Any ideas of how to kind of get into the writing mood/get rid of this damn stress would be great, guys. Thanks
Since you asked, If you have any obscure coffee shops, BBQ places, hamburger shops or anything of the sort like I do. Go there and do whatever homework you have (and also eat dinner if you can). It calms the nerves when you get out of your own home.

If that doesn't work, you should go get a milkshake from Sonic, Checker's, or Rally's (whatever is in Canada). Just sit in your car until the shake is done. Shouldn't take too long, but it always puts me in a good mood.

I dunno though. Food always calms me down, no matter what. Just don't get the food from a franchise. It's often stuffed with 'enhancements' and whatnot that can make the stress worse.

As for writing, I write better on a computer outside of my house. I don't do it often, but, every once in a while, I go out somewhere (not outside, preferrably when it's raining) and write. I mainly write essays and short stories though. Music n' Lyrics are really just another hobby that I happened to've collected.

Now, all that is to say that you don't have to post new songs. I read them as they appear, and if there isn't anything new--well then, I'll live. As for your song "Untitled-3", it's very good. I don't have suggestions as to making it better other than adding a few repeating lines towards the end to give the meaning more definition.

And, as a note--do not repeat that first line more than once. It's okay, but make sure the phrase you use can be doubled. Allot of lines will loose their meaning when repeated more than once. That's why you can't say "I love you, I love you, I love you," because it looses it's impact. You want to find a phrase that builds upon the last like a ladder. The phrase has to be just fleeting enough that the listener finally realizes what it means by the last few times you sing it.

PS: My teachers would probably tell me that's very Zennish. I don't even know what that means.

peace out,
It only takes one jerk to prove any hypothesis absolutely false. Like, have you ever heard the rumor that you can drop cash on the street in Tokyo and the people are so honest that someone will find it, pick it up, and take it to the cops? Well, that's absolutely 100% not true, because I once found a plain envelope on the ground with "6,000 yen" written on it. Inside was 6,000 yen. I put it in my pocket and kept walking.
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