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Born and raised into Catholicism, went to church regularly on my mother's insistence 'till I was about 21-22. Seeing as how I realized I was gay when I was about 17 this means I went through some 5 years of intense personal struggle: God vs. sexuality. I did what every good little Christian boy should and tried ever so hard to suppress my nature, failed miserably and wasted a whole lotta time. Then finally came to the conclusion that God couldn't possibly hate me just because I'm gay since I considered myself a pretty decent person "otherwise" and if he really did, this is not a God I want to worship. This meant I could no longer call myself a Catholic because I no longer followed one of its tenets. So I stopped going to church and wouldn't you believe it, started feeling increasingly better about myself with each passing day. Then I started thinking how if the Bible is wrong on this one thing, who says it isn't wrong about a whole lotta things...and then it just all started to sound pretty fishy to me so I stopped paying it much attention.

I still believe in a (benevolent) God or what have you and an afterlife, just not sure that the only way to get there is by believing in JC or that the Bible has very much to do with his Word. I believe I'm here to learn something and I'm trying to let the "invisible force" lead me to that knowledge. And I strongly believe everything happens for a reason. I guess I'd fall under agnostic?..:\
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