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Originally Posted by mojopinuk View Post
Sounds good to me. Album review threads are great but it's good to see some diversity and i much prefer reading about the music that people feel they have some kind of a connection to, and the reasons behind it.
Me too, this should be exciting. ^_^ I'll try not to let you guys down.

Originally Posted by storymilo View Post
Sweet another new journal starting up. I will be looking forward to this
Yayay. I'll post something in the next day or so.

Originally Posted by mojopinuk View Post
^^ Look, he talked to you.
Cause he knows I'd kick his ass if he didn't get that hint. xD
Originally Posted by Sansa Stark View Post
I'm down with Jesus, in that case.

MB Journal.
Azucar y Especia. My blog.
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