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Originally Posted by LoathsomePete View Post
Damn shame now some stinky French-Canadian is wearing your jacket, if you could get it back I'm not sure you'd want it. It wouldn't be the same jacket as when you lost it.

And I think thank you for the tip, I have taken very special care of this jacket over the five years I've been wearing it, three of which where in either Vancouver or Wales. The only upside to living in the desert is that while it does get cold, it doesn't get wet so I can wear it for most of the winter.
You'd think that, the uncle from the story was one of the most interesting, albeit it crazy people thats ever existed.

Among his many legends was him ripping out a parking meter (he apparently was a big guy in his hey-day) and throwing in on the mayors desk because he got a parking ticket. (who I'm told he knew).

it was his jacket, and it was questionable since the day i'd stolen it. I fully believe I got the damn thing because no one else wanted it.

When are you set to move again by the way?


I can't figure out if I already posted this, but this is me at the zoo chillen with the llamas

Originally Posted by The Batlord View Post
He looks like the Joker's racist uncle.
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