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Originally Posted by TheBig3KilledMyRainDog View Post
Would you say then that, at least vocally, thats a device that made its way from Soul to other music forms? Or was this simply a move that came to us from the dawn of music?

In short: Was soul the reason vocal harmonies came to prominance?
Presumably you mean in the context of "popular" music (itself a wide-reaching term).

Vocal harmonies have been extant in music for centuries, if not millennia (of course), not just in "Classical", but in "Popular" forms, such as the Madrigal and the Round - the earliest known written example of which dates from the 1100's, IIRC.

The harmonies of Soul were largely plundered (and mainly watered down) from the back catalogue of Gospel music, which can either cruelly be seen as a somewhat crude but emotionally effective interpretation of what the Classical composers achieved - or somewhat more realistically viewed as a natural way to enrich the whole Gospel song experience, which arose from the Blues / native cultural song.

...or is that not what you meant
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