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Originally Posted by Flower Child View Post
I'm glad someone else remembers him! I didn't realize that song was on a Fast and the Furious film. If that was the case, I figured having a song in that film would have made him all sorts of fame, as remember Fast and the Furious being a massive deal. But I completely agree with you, Ja-Rule is such a relic of the past that just came and went with the times. Shame is, he was big during the Dr. Dre Snoop Dog era when there was a lot of good rappers and competition and he really got edged out. Now his music would top any of the raps on the radio now.
That's probably one of the only tracks from Ja Rule i like. Ja rules career pretty much ended after he had this massive "beef" with Eminem, Dr Dre and D12. They tore him to shreds on multiple diss tracks and he never really recovered lol.

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