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Originally Posted by Antonio View Post
well i've been a member of several other forums, not just for music, and i have to say this is the best moderated site that i have ever been to. other forums either there weren't enough mods on the job, the mods would play favorites and blatantly unban people they were buddies with(who really deserve banning), or the mods would spam incessantly and not really care about moderating in the first place.

i think part of the reason for such good moderation here is the age and maturity of members here, seeing as the mods here are over the age of 18, as opposed to the one's on other sites i was at where most were 15-17. idk, i guess with age you learn responsibility and i can definately see that here.
See on the forums I've used in the past (before my internet refused to work for 2 years) the problem was mostly people spoke in text speak, and slang. Had too many moderators because the admins wanted their friends to be mods, had elitest groups such as Gods, Elite.. etc, which never worked for the forum and the forums eventually died a horrible death.. to add to it the mods were all usually 15-18, and anyone who was a friend of an admin got modded. Which was ****ing useless having like 17 mods, 3 admins, and an elite group. edit: on an average sized forum. I agree with what your saying and I think its a good system. I don't think age becomes apart of it, i think it's more on maturity, and wither a new mod could handle responsibility without ODing on power. And slapping a ban on anyone who crosses there path. I think all the mods here are mature enough for the job and can handle it. I personally think they were well picked, so whoever picks the mods, job well done!

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i havent i refuse to in fact. it triggers my ptsd from yrs ago when i thought my ex's anal beads were those edible candy necklaces
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Keep it in your pants scottie.
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