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playing music is not like playing a sport.

song difficulty only matters if you're playing guitar hero or rockband. theory only becomes really relevant if you're composing or a recital style performer.

where you should go next is wherever you feel happiest with your instrument. just remember that there's no substitute for practice.

something you could try is making a list of all the songs you'd like to eventually be able to play, regardless of perceived difficulty or skill required, then try them all out. laugh when it comes to ridiculous bits that make you look at your hands like they're alien, take pride in the passages that you never thought you'd be able to play yet somehow sailed through smoothly. recognize that it's meant to be fun. even if you make a list of 15 songs and only manage to play about 3 of them 'most' of the way through it's a worthwhile start. NO ONE starts off by being able to play songs from start to finish.

also, mix it up. don't always play the same songs in the same order. if you're playing along to a disc use the shuffle option. it'll keep your mind fresh while playing the same tunes. and if you do try that list thing put it off to the side after you've tried it a few times and only revisit it every couple of months or so. if you're playing everyday you'll be amazed at the progress you never noticed you were accomplishing.
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