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Originally Posted by wolverinewolfweiselpigeon View Post
It seems like people expect the mods to cater to everyone's needs and want them be some kind of superpeople who always make the right move. It's a ****ing internet forum, for ****s sake, if you don't like the way it's run then leave. Also, I definitely don't think the community of MB should be involved in the decision to ban a member. Our mods do their jobs and they do them well; none of my complaints are directed toward them.
I agree with the basic idea that I think you are expressing, wolverinewolfweiselpigeon, which is that membership at MB is a privilege, not a right, and I understand that there is a built-in power structure for good reason. Still, I would argue that open, civil debate and discussion about how any community group is run makes the organization stronger as a whole rather than weaker. I think many people who join online forums probably value greatly the free speech and the chance to interact with so many other individuals, and they would like to work to improve the site if they feel improvement is needed...just as they would in an off-line (physical) community. While some people may feel an internet forum and their experience there is a trivial part of their lives, to others an online forum may be very meaningful, just as community groups (in the flesh) are. They know the disembodied words they read in posts come from the minds of people whom they wish to treat as respectfully as they would if those people were sitting 5 feet away in an off-line community group. They also value the fact that an internet forum community gives a way to communicate and interact with people that is different than, but not necessarily inferior to, the experiences within an off-line community group.

Originally Posted by mr dave View Post
i think this is a recipe for disaster. isn't one of the reasons people are chosen as mods that they're responsible and sensible members of the community? having a courtroom style event is just going to spread more drama and attention to some brat's BS across the site.
This may be true, mr. dave, depending on how such a courtroom idea were implemented, and is a good point to consider, I feel...although as I understood Toretorden's suggestion that he offered for consideration, the courtroom idea would only present information about a permabanned member after that person is permabanned, probably listing very simply the temporary bannings/reasons leading up to the permabanning. This would help other members understand why someone (a member with 150 or more posts) is suddenly gone, without giving overdue attention to the gritty details.

In my particular case with The Unfan, what I hoped was that if one of his temporary bannings had to do with anything he said to me, such as...

Originally Posted by The Unfan>
Every time you sing a song about how precious a cow's life is I'm going to eat a hamburger.

Edit: Jesus Christ, get out of my state please.
Read more:
...then the moderators would let this portion of his infractions be stricken from the record...thereby perhaps reducing his total number of bannings in his record such that he is no longer permanently banned. If a list of his infractions showed one was due to something said to me, then I might be able to tell the mods, oh, strike that from his record, please...I'm cool with him over's ancient history for me and we've moved on from there.

Originally Posted by BTown787 View Post
This is easily the best moderated site I have been on, but on other forums I've been the mods were more lenient in the off topic forums (The Lounge, in this case). I think it'd be cool if The Lounge was moderated a bit leniently, but if not no big. That's really all I could think of.
I also like the MB courtroom idea and the idea where they make a thread about why a member was banned.
Hey, BTown787, I also like the idea of the lounge being more leniently moderated than the music forums. If that isn't already the case, I would vote in favor of that!
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If a chicken was smart enough to be able to speak English and run in a geometric pattern, then I think it should be smart enough to dial 911 (999) before getting the axe, and scream to the operator, "Something must be done! Something must be done!"

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