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Default Limitations -- good or bad? DISCUSS.

Up until about a month ago, I was entirely convinced that the reason which I couldn't produce anything worth recording was due to the poor quality equipment that I use, most of it borrowed from friends at one point or another. And more than anything else, I felt a better guitar/amplifier would allow me to craft the sound I was looking for.

Perhaps less than two weeks ago I began to notice that these limitations I forced upon myself were having somewhat of a recursive effect upon my songwriting. I would write songs that sounded good on my guitar for the explicit purpose of being able to play them. It wasn't a forced motivation -- more or less it came naturally as I started listening to myself play.

Now it seems like when I sit down to play or write music I harbor reservations about what I actually can play, but it's also had a serendipitous effect as well: it affords me a window to channel my creativity rather than the blank slate I worked with beforehand.

A month ago I could not imagine keeping my guitar for more than another year. Now I can't see myself ever selling it. I'm not suggesting that it's a good thing to be controlled by your instrument, but it sure is liberating having some sort of means to channel my creative potential rather than wandering aimlessly like I did beforehand.

Any thoughts / discussion ?

Oh, and in case anybody's curious, this is what I play:

Ibanez AEG20E Acoustic Electric

on a...

Peavey Transtube 2x12 (not actual model in picture, sorry)
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