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Originally Posted by Freebase Dali View Post
Sam, I use that exact electric/acoustic guitar (except mine is the red sunburst) and I get pretty decent results... except I use a combination of miking the guitar itself and recording from the pickup. I've found that I get the best results when plugging the guitar straight into my mixer through a direct box and I mix that somewhat lower than the microphone, to get a full bodied and pristine sound.
The guitar alone doesn't sound bad at all. A little thin, but easily compensated for in the recording stage.

I never really felt limited by that particular guitar, so I can't really lend anything to the discussion as far as how it could affect creativity and motivation, but there is one thing I've learned since I've been playing acoustic:
Standard tuning = limiting for me.
My first change was drop D, which opened up more possibilities, then I began using drop D and changing the three high strings so that I'd end up with an open tuning like D Minor or some Major 7th and unresolved variations. When I started playing with that, I'm telling you, the creative possibilities opened up faster than I could explore them. I stopped using a pick and started doing fingerstyle and now, to this day, every time I pick up my guitar I'm learning something new that I never could have with standard tuning and picking.
oh no, i have absolutely no desire to produce anywhere near the tonal range that the acoustic model produces; the entire reason i use it is to generate the immense feedback from the single coil pickup inside. i have access to acoustic mics and mixers, i don't see much point trying to capture a sound i've been trying to repel for years.

with a high gain function and maxed pre-gain there is an immense liquid fuzz component which i've been unable to obtain with any combination of distortion pedal / electric guitar combination that i've yet used. it's almost overwhelming when you play open chords and open strumming, the feedback swirls and swells incredibly. the only difficult thing is soloing using a driven signal, the single coil tends to induce an ENORMOUS amount of static noise when the strings aren't being muted.

when i suggested that i was being limited by my equipment i meant it in the sense that there is one desired sound which i can achieve with great effect.
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