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@ Sam:
Ah ok, I misinterpreted.

On that note though, I do agree and have experienced that with a small Crate practice amp I had, in combination with a crap 7 string electric. With certain adjustments and at the right volume, I was getting an amazing sound that was the result of just enough crappy qualities combining to create a unique sound that I've never been able to reproduce on better equipment.
I wish I hadn't given the amp away before I realized that though.

I can definitely testify to the fact that sometimes it's better for creativity when you have less to work with. Comparing my earliest work when I had practically nothing, to now that I've got a room full of gear, I can definitely tell there's a general decline in creativity and discovery associated with being distracted by fancy gimmes. I notice that I'm less inclined to invest myself in creating music because it's easier to be lazy and not have to work hard at achieving something, whereas before, the journey to achieving a sound led me to far more valuable discoveries.

When I think about that, I just want to put half my stuff on Ebay.
I stare at my gear more than I use it, now.
I never imagined it'd be that way when I was younger and dreaming of having what I have now. Really kind of puts things into perspective for me.
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