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Sorry but the link that you requested no longer exists. The site died a death sadly.

Originally Posted by An Unkindness View Post
I'm going to have to throw my hat into the circle about how great it is to find a real discussion of this somewhere. Lonesome Wyatt seems to be some sort of Internet research God as the only band I can really add to the list is Murder by Death. They're a little strange though, so bear with me. The first album, Like the Exorcist but with More Breakdancing is a bit more ambient in nature. The second album, Who Will Survive and What Will Be Left of Them, is Gothic Western, the third, In Bocca Al Lupo, is more dark cabaret, and the fourth, Red of Tooth and Claw has a gothic western rock feel to it.

I have actually discovered this band in the last week and on only one or two plays of the highlighted album they are very very promising. I like their eclecticism. On your recommendation I will be listening to the others.
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