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Originally Posted by Schizotypic View Post
I've been meaning to get me into some country. Not much recent stuff that I seen thrown around the forums though, so I'll be paying attention to this. I'd be stunned if you can make it to 20! =) Good luck and thanks for doin' all the work.
Originally Posted by LoathsomePete View Post
Flower Child's done a great job with creating a thread for people to review the classic country albums, however I feel that a thread for newer albums would be nice. This is an open thread, anyone can contribute a review, however long or short it is. As far as what constitutes as "modern" I'd say anything from 1990-Present. I'll contribute the first review, a mere copy and paste from my Gothic Country thread, however I'm not in the mood for doing another write up. Hopefully this will catch on with some of the country listeners on the forum and with any luck will create some new fans.
This is an open thread, therefore I'm hoping the country listeners on the forum will contribute reviews.
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