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Default Tool- "Undertow"

So this is my first review and it is of Tool's debut album, "Undertow."

Artist- Tool
Album- Undertow
Release Date- April 6th, 1993
Label- Zoo Entertaiment
Length- 69:13

Sound: Tool's sound has always been considered unique, and their debut album is no exception. Much of the album carries on from their EP, "Opiate," its dark and somewhat angry tone make it one of my favorite albums. Maynard's voice has always been amazing, he is always putting so much emotion in his lyrics and primal screams make it that much better. His lyrics are also very visual and even get me a bit riled up when I listen to them. Adam Jones has some of the best riffs of Tool's career on this album and that plus Maynard's voice, Paul's great bass playing, and Danny Carey's unique drumming make it even better.

Tracks: Each track is so unique and filled with these amazing stories of tragedy and anger.

"Intolerance"- The basis of this song actually comes from Maynard's experience in the military, their pledge,"I will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor will I tolerate any others who do". As this appears in the song, I believe the songs show a somewhat pacifist view on the pledge. As in the song she says, "But you lie, cheat, and steal. And yet I tolerate ." 8/10

"Prison Sex"- I love the opening to this song, just saying. This songs stems from Maynard's childhood abuse and I believe he somewhat wants revenge. The lyrics "Do unto you now what has been done to me," show this. The lyrics also show how much of a prisoner he felt to the abuse. There is a breakdown that occurs about 3:10 into the second that is so chill, yet mysterious, and heavy at the same time. Maynard's voice is almost haunting in this song, very tense mood in this song too. 9/10

"Sober"- This one of my favorite songs of the album, the eerie feel and lyrics just captured me right away. I believe the songs is about people who become a slave to their own addictions (in this case, drinking) and how they need to be saved in someway. Also how people's view and opinion change when they see this person's addictions. 10/10

"Bottom"- GREAT SONG! There is a heavy hard hitting inro and great vocals from Maynard and even a spoken word breakdown from Henry Rollins. The songs is basically hitting rock bottom, but seeing this and somehow trying to change it. My favorite line is "I will use my mistakes against you." 9.5/10

"Crawl Away"- I think this song is about a relationship and a person betrays that relationship and the hatred that stems from that betrayl. My favorite line has to be, "But what you want and what you need don't mean **** to me." I also really love the part where everything starts to speed up in the 4:00 range. 8/10

"Swamp Song"- I'm not sure why, but this is my favorite song off the album. You can easily interpert this song in so many ways. It could be about addiction, religion, etc. 10/10

"Undertow"- I think this song maybe one of the more complicated songs lyrically on the album, I think its about addiction but there are many other possibilities. Really love it though. Maynard's voice is so damn angry too! 10/10

"4 Degrees"- I read somewhere, that this song is about intercourse and that the usual way and the alternative way there is about a 4 degree difference between them haha. the song is very catchy though and love it musically and lyrically. 10/10

"Flood"- The longest song on the album besides "Disgustipated," it's so chill and I think that is about faith. "Here comes the water." Could be about baptisms and then the rest of the song is the unstability of faith.

"Disgustipated"- A somewhat chill, yet hillarious song. Very unique as it utilizes different sounds and then of course Maynard's speech, the first part represnts life and its cycle and the second is his landlord. 9/10

Overall- 9/ 10
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