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Originally Posted by music_phantom13 View Post
Thank you for the dark jazz bit there. I found Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation earlier this year, checked out Succubus and it was good, but I felt it was just a little bit off and didn't quite click with me. I was disappointed because it seemed like a type of music I could really dig, if there were more bands like them. For some reason I never bothered to actually look into the sound any more, and just forgot about them over summer. Now I will most certainly be looking into all of these bands Keep it up, I'm really liking most everything on here so far - the Amorphous Androgynous album was fantastic too. I had completely written of Future Sound of London after hearing Dead Cities, it got boring way too fast and I didn't like it much. This was much much better, I love the psychedelic dance feel and will be checking out other stuff under this moniker for sure.
I'm a massive Dead Cities fan myself, but it does lean a lot more in the house direction, so not everyone's cuppa tea by any means. That said, I do listen to FSOL/Amorphous Androgynous' later, more psychedelic stuff a lot more. If it's the post-rock/psychedelic/electronic stuff you like, get hold of (if you feel like it) the album I had a nice rant about as well as one called the Peppermint Tree and the Seeds Of Superconsciousness (the last full-length album from last year) and the Isness by the Future Sound Of London - all of them are albums I could have reviewed for this thread as well, given as to how awesome they are and everything.
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