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Red face Guitar or amp purchase advice for mom

I need advice on a Christmas purchase for my 13 yr old son for Christmas.
He currently owns a Fender Starcaster guitar and an unknown $100 electric guitar. He also owns a Line 6 Spider III Amp. He has been playing for about 2 years and LOVES IT! He mostly likes playing rock (ie Guns and Roses, ACDC, Metallica, Ozzy, Nirvana) Between us...I wish he would soften up his preferences but....that's another post.
So... I am planning on spending between $300-$400 and leaning towards a new guitar or used.
Please advise whether you suggest upgraded guitar or upgraded amp for this money. also advice on which ones to look for.
He wrote a Christmas list asking for a Vox VT50 amp and an Ibaniz RGA32 guitar. any thoughts???
I will search for used too if it makes more sense.
He just started playing with a Christian rock band at local church. He is soooo excited-even though he had never played this music genre. It should be good for him. Want to get him a guitar that won't prohibit his growth as a musician.
Thanks so much for any help!!!!

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