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10 Albums That Defined My Decade

Something else to keep the thread on the run here. True, the way I'll be doing these at least, this section will consist of reviews just as usual, but whereas there are plenty of good albums I can say this decade's spawned without the mainstream audience of music listeners' noticing, only a handful of them I could say have been truly influential on my taste in music.

So, what we should have by the end of the day are 10 albums which opened up whole worlds of music to me and basically helped to shape my taste as it now is, however brilliant or not-so-brilliant they may be in hindsight. Basically, this part of the thread will not only give me an opportunity to show you folks a few landmark albums with me, but it'll also give me the chance to go over some of the less obscure parts of my music library with a fine tooth comb. All 10 of these will be from this decade too.

So then, the first one will be up later this evening. Stay tuned!
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