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I gave some slightly less long winded advice in the other thread on this subject, but I'll make some more detailed observations in here to help. Be warned, When I drop technical knowledge my posts tend to be long, so skip ahead and listen to Dave if you don't have a few minutes to read it!

Anyway, firstly - The RGA32 is a fantastic guitar for the money. This is for a few reasons.

1 - Bound Fretboard - Bound fretboards feel much nicer and look much nicer than their unbound brethren. They also usually indicate the guitar will come with at least passable fretwork, since it takes more effort to install binding than it does to just slot the frets in.

2 - The bridge - Ibanez bridges have a great reuptation, and with good reason. They integrate a lot of nice features in a convenient package. I've had a guitar with a Tune-O-Matic bridge like the Schecters, and believe me, while its not exctly a pain to work with, the ease of use is far behind the Ibanez bridge on that guitar.

3 - The neck on that guitar is much thinner than the schecters would be. This means it'll be easy to play! Thats a generalisation, and if your son likes thicker necks on guitars, then heed by his preference, but by and large, if someone wants a guitar that plays easily, the first thing they do is go for the one with the thinnest neck. Ibanez are KING in that category, because they've been doing it for years. They know what makes a comfortable neck.

4 - I agree with dave on the second hand thing. When it comes to second hand guitars, I have ten years of playing experience, and even I have been burned once, when I bought a guitar with a neck that shifted, and I didn't notice before I bought it. D'oh! Lesson learned! And that was with years of experience regarding how a guitar should feel and play! Don't go that route if you aren't sure.

Thats the guitar dealt with. As for the amp, thats a much simpler proposition - Those amps are GREAT amps. They're very cheap for what they are, they sound great, etc etc. As I mentioned in the other thread, there are only a couple weaknesses in them, and they're nothing deal breaking by any stretch of the imagination. If you have the choice between getting the amp or the guitar, GET THE AMP, and GET THAT ONE
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