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hey Guitarbizarre! thanks so much for the detailed answer. i really appreciate it! okay--i'll go for the amp. IF I happen to find a screamin deal for the ibanez rga32 and the Vox amp...i'll get both--but doubt it. so ill get the amp first and i'll get that one.
one last question to you think the ibanez rga32 (@$350) is a big enough jump in quality from the fender starcaster? He has another guitar too that looks cool (paulownia style body i think) but his grandparents only spent like $100-$150 on it, so it is a beginner guitar too.
i just want to make sure i am not waisting money on this step. should we wait till we can afford a more intermediate price ($600-800) or is the ibanez a smart in between step? sorry i am so unsure in all this. i really am grateful for your help!
happy turkey day!
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