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To give this thread a bit more substance I've uploaded some Mp3's. They're mostly of recently split or currently existant bands although I've thrown a few old things in too e.g. Indian Summer, Antioch Arrow. Check out a few of these bands as they capture the Emo/Screamo aesthetic quite well. Most have hard fast screamy parts contrasted with twinkly, almost post-rockesque parts. This stuff should give you a basic idea of the general sound of emo:

City Of Caterpillar - ...And You're Wondering How A Top Floor Could Replace Heaven

Saetia - The Poet You Never Were

Saetia -
Venus & Bacchus

Hot Cross - Fortune Teller

I Would Set Myself On Fire For You - The First Word That Comes To Mind

Trophy Scars - Designed Like Dice (Crickets In Tune)

Circle Takes The Square - A Non-Objective Portrait Of Karma

Indian Summer - Angry Son

Antioch Arrow - In Love With Jetts

Though some of these artists might not be the most accesible music, it's meant to be emotional not poppy but I promise you, with this type of music you get out what you put in, just listen to it a few times and be open minded. If you're looking for the most accesible artists here, I'd reccomend you Hot Cross, Indian Summer and Trophy Scars as they are a good, not too harsh introduction to the genre.

Anyway if you're unsure check out these songs and try to persist with them. If this post only manages to make one or two of you understand/appreiciate this little known and often over looked genre then that's all I set out to do.
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