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Default White Light/ White Heat - Velvet Undeground - 1968

Well thanks to Schizotypic i have became hooked to this awesome album. This is my second review and decided to make a new one because i guess people like my first review

1. White Light/White Heat

The first song that starts off this crazy album is started by John Cale, singing backing vocals, saying White Light. A dirty sounding guitar plays chords while a piano plays a riveting song all on its own that fits perfectly with the song. Lou Reed sings in a cool sounding voice that would make people dance
"(White light), White light goin' messin' up my mind (White light), and don't you know its gonna make me go blind (White heat), aww white heat it tickle me down to my toes (White light), Ooo have mercy while I'll have it goodness knows"
The Song ends with the bass strumming hard for a good minute which makes the song end in a raw and powerful way

2. The Gift

This song contains two things that might interest certain people. In the left side of the audio (as if your using headphones) John Cale is speaking to you about a short story about a man named Waldo Jeffers who hasn't seen his girlfriend in two months and is afraid she'll cheat on him so he decided to surprise her by mailing himself. She then gets the package of Waldo and tries to open it, but she then gets box cutters and accidentally kills him in the package. On the right side of the auido track a instrumental is played which was played when Lou Reed was sick. Simple chords are played but it gets sonically crazy after a while. Velvet Undeground isnt Jimi Hendrix so dont expect epic guitar solos, but its still listenable and awesome

3. Lady Godiva's Operation

Of course, chords are used in this song while the drums pound with occasional tom rolls. John Cale sings the first part of this song describes who Lady Godiva is. Lady Godiva then walks into a operation room and watches some horrific things. Lou Reed sings the second part alternating with John Cale."The ether tube's leaking, says someone who's sloppy.The Patient is not so well sleeping.The screams echo off the walls.Don't panic -- someone give him pentathol instantly.The doctor removes his blade cagily slow from the brain."
As the second part is played, both John Cale and Lou Reed make drilling noises with their mouths lol

4. Here She Comes Now

Lou Reed plays a mystical song that is being rapidly said "here she come now ,now." Its still a really good song, no sonic crazy playing but its still a quite enjoyable song. Simple chord progression and drum beats with occasional guitar switch arounds.

5. I Heard Her Call My Name

Uhm... SONIC EXPLOSION!!! This song starts off with a fast punk beat and guitar just shredding and chords when crazy playing isnt being played lol. Lou Reed plays with a backing vocals repeating what he said like a soulful church. "Ever since I was on cripples Monday, I've got my eyeballs on my knees. I rapped for hours with mad Mary Williams, she said she never understood a word from me because, I know that she cares about me, I heard her call my name." Then an sonic volcano erupts and sweet guitar is shredding full of distortion and raw power which grips you with gorilla hands. Its mostly instrumental with awesome guitar work

6. Sister Ray Part One

Part Two

Ok, last song, and one of the best 17 minute tracks to be recorded (no offense In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.) The song talks bout drug use, violence, homosexuality and transvestism. Yep, its true. John Cale plays organ, which proves pivotal in this track. I mean, its dirty and powerful, sludgy in a sense. All thriller no filler. The beat stays the same for most of the song but it'll speed up faster. Lou Reed's lyrics are too much to contain in this thread so i'll say one real simple one. "Shes busy sucking on my ding-dong." lol yep its true if its velvet underground. Sonic sounds go to a whole other world with guitars and the organ. The song will mellow and go fast, you'll never know. Its as if they make a new instrumental every time you listen to it. Mostly its a instrumental with mostly the same lyrics said over again but they never, i mean never get old.


I made it 9.5 only because some other people wouldn't appreciate the sonic sounds and most likely "The Gift" because they either don't like the story or they don't like spoken word. I'm trying to be as fair as possible. I've asked my friends if they liked the album since they heard it with me and they didnt like The Gift too much because their were simple chords and spoken word. Yeah i cant believe their my friends lol. They love the other stuff though. Hope you guys appreciate this =D

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