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Originally Posted by right-track View Post
Didn't the guy who was killed pull a gun?
I know the bikers were hardly innocent that night and added to the hostility at Altamont (if not all of it) but the individual who pulled the gun out was high on drugs.
I doubt ordinary security would have dealt with the man so efficiently. It makes me wonder what might have happened had they not been the security for this gig.
I'm unsure about the gunman's motives...
Ordinary security would've beaten the snot out of him with billy clubs but he'd still be alive. Hells Angels decided to rush him with a knife (which is admirable in a retarded sort of way) and decided that murder would be the most efficient way of handling the situation. Regardless, it cost someone his life and while he was incredibly stupid for doing what he did and definitely deserved time in prison, he did not deserve to have his life taken. I know it can be justified as self-defense, but still... sucks for his family, especially right at the beginning of the Holiday season.
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