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Originally Posted by NumberNineDream View Post
Got from Lateralus this:

Fungus Amongus (1995)

I don't know why I had in mind that Incubus was a Doom Metal band, possibly because of the band name. Not that I don't like Doom Metal, but that's some very weird matter. Now before the trading of the albums, I had actually asked Kate to send me one of those albums that got her into bass guitar, remembering the first subject of her journal.

After listening to the album, many times, I must say, that album can certainly get you hooked to the bass sound. After my first listens, I decided to listen to that album in the car, in a somehow acceptable sound system (of course, much better than my very weak headphones), cranked the Bass up, and damn it was amazing. From the beginning till the end, the bass guitar is asserting its presence, while the bass-y drums are not that far behind. I certainly think these two instruments are the key to the Incubus sound, not damaging at all the very nice melodic side of the tune. The lead singer was pretty good too, but I still think the instrumental side of their music is the most of it. Finally, what I really loved in this album, was the mix of funk (specially in the bass, and the low key percussions), with the rough metal sound (accentuated by drums obviously and the distorted bass).

Lovely album. Certainly to my taste.
I'm glad you liked it! It is easily my favourite Incubus album, and I too absolutely love the bass. Bassist Dirk Lance only appears on their first 5 albums (I think?) which is why I don't really like their newer stuff as much. Will be interesting though to see what their next album is like, apparently they have one pending...

Anyway, I'm happy you enjoyed it. I think Incubus are a sometimes under-appreciated band or just fobbed off as too mainstream.

I've listened to the one you sent me and there should be a review up soon!
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