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This week my album came from NumberNineDream...

Look Inside The Asylum Choir, Asylum Choir.

When I received this album I have to admit that I had never heard of the LP Look Inside the Asylum Choir, and after listening to it was very surprised that I hadn't come across this album earlier. I was familiar with musician Leon Russell but was a stranger to what he was up to before he became more established.

I love this album. Psychedelic and eclectic, Look Inside The Asylum Choir is a multifaceted trip through an array of different musical styles and influences. Obviously influenced by the '60s psych movement, I was very much reminded of the later Beatles, as cliche as that sounds, but definitely in a good way.

I am trying to pick out specific songs that stood out for me on this record but I think I can honestly say that I enjoyed each and every track. 'Welcome to Hollywood' was a great, catchy opening track, while 'Death of the Flowers' was another of my favouries (epic) as well as 'Indian Style' which for the first 30 seconds consisted of some Indian, rhythmic style drumming before bursting into such a catchy, almost jazzy kind-of track. And track 8 (the Medley) was another great musical journey. I also definitely think this record is one of those gems that are far beyond their time.

The only problem I have with this LP is that it is too short! I just wanted more after I had finished listening

Anyway, thanks NumberNine! Great pick.
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