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Thanks buddy, glad you like the thread I haven't properly had a look around for music from some parts of Asia just yet, but I'll let you know if I have any trouble when I get round to it.

I see what you mean about the atmospheric feel of a lot of world music too, especially with the obvious language barrier a lot of it has. The aforementioned Marcel Khalife embodies that kinda notion, and is one among so many. As such, 99% of the time I prefer it when music when doesn't have an English lyric - unless it can be pulled off with a lot of aplomb, it feels a lot more natural and much more effective that way. Most of the time anyway. There'll be a lot more examples coming up.

There are some countries which have a whole load of great albums from inside their borders that it's gonna be quite a harsh task coming up with one to represent it - I can see Argentina, Venezeula, Cuba, especially Senegal and Mali proving quite tricky, among others. Either way, I'll namedrop at least a couple more albums before the end of the week.
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