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Default What english speaking band is there that sounds like Kino(80s russian rock band)?

Hi there, I registered for this forum just to ask this one question.

I have been listening to this 80s russian rock band called Kino
(discovered via grand theft auto 4. Yeah, I'm video game geek) for like the last few days(I've been really enjoying their music on youtube) and the music sounds very familiar. I'm not saying that they ripped off some english speaking bands, but I think they were heavily influenced by some western band. It would be great if I could listen to this kind of music but in english.

Most of my limited musical knowledge is from the mid 90's and onward and the music I know of before that time period has to be have been played on the radio, or I'll have no knowledge of it.

So, my question is, what 80s english speaking has music similar to Kino? Also, if possible, please also specify the albums.

Here are 2 samples of Kino

Quiet night
at youtube dot com slash watch?v=HwEcbcXgVoc

Cucoo bird
at youtube dot com slash watch?v=ACKHcIMlEcM

Listen to both in their entirety, and I think you'll agree the songs sound very familiar.

Someone on youtube said I should listen to pink floyd, but from what I listened so far, the sounds are still very different. Another suggested I listen to Joy Division and I've listened to like maybe 4-5 of their songs, but I don't like it and I don't think they have the same style as Kino.
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