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Originally Posted by likuidcoka View Post
Sounds like an POwer trip to me.

NeWays..I want a real MOD to point out where I called another MEMBER of this forum an insulting "derogatory" name??

Just because I cant PROVE my educated guess does not mean I cant state my opinion..
OH wait...LIKe Everyone on here sees Eye to Eye.

Whatever, If Im not gonna be able to express my opinion then I dont wanna be part of this forum anyhow.

Just wanted to throw this out there.

Im gonna go kill myself now,
CArry on.
Well I'm a "real Mod" just the same as Pete is, so I'll answer your question.

I wasn't there, but just from what I'm seeing here I'd give my friends and family this same advice. You're new, and you're not terribly deferential. Theres nothing says that you have to be necessarily, but a good tip for life is thinking two steps ahead.

For being mildly cordial you'd be on the receiving end of a wealth of community, musical knowledge, and general good humor (not the ice cream). Like most things in life, Musicbanter is offering something - in this case experience. And we generally like to keep company with people who don't piss us off. Many of us are at the very least over 21 and we come here because we choose to. The mods are in place to keep members that improve the site. We keep them by removing ones we hate.

If you want to stay, I don't mind going to bat for you, but understand we're not some "skaterz vs. preps" chat room (sorry I had AOL when I was 13) and we're here for some semblence of community. We like it to preserve some social propriety.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
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