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Originally Posted by likuidcoka View Post
I dint even realize its going to be a year.
EXCUSE me? Who are you to judge what posts any individual in this forum is worth reading? I mean really. What are your credentials?Do I have to have a certain IQ? A certain SKin colour, a certain Language? YOu might as well specify everything next.
If you dont like a certain post you ignore the poster or skim them past next time around.I do that all the time.
It was a Rant. If your gonna interpret my post as me "asking every person in this forum to hang on my every word" then thats your problem.It doesnt make a difference to me. I was expressing my views and thoughts at that moment.

one of the many sensitive females I talked about.
LOL this is why i dont like e socializing with females.
They get all territorial and intimidated or judgmental.
Theres two or three that I can say i genuinly RESPECT, just by reading their posts.

some of you people think posting equals being part of the forum community.
There can be involvment by just reading posts and Threads.

I think not only are you an idiot, which you are, you are a doormat of a woman for hating on your own sex.I smell a daddy complex. I really don't think anyone cares if you respect them on here or not, being as it is THE INTERNET. As for sensitive females, I don't recall throwing a ****fit for calling my tattoos fake, I was actually defended by two other people,and even if I wasn't I still would really care less of what you think. i don't know what makes you think you're ONE A DA BOYZ when you make entire paragraphs demeaning one small thing and blowing everything three ****ing lightyears out of proportion
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