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Default if you could interview anyone alive right now

so here's a question for ya. if you got the chance to interview anyone in the world (alive right now), completely on your own with no-one else, with garunteed truthful and open answers to any question, who would it be and why? personally, I'd choose bush. i'd really like to find out first hand how much of his own foreign policy he runs, or if he is just basically a puppet for his administration. I recently read a book by a guy who was in office with bush. he said that during meetings he would just sit there, no facial expressions and never giving any input of his own. this sort of doesn't surprise me. it seems to me as if he's let his administration take control of the country, and they push him out into the public armed with carefully and simply written speeched to deliver to the people. but then these people that are completely screwing up every aspect of foreign and domestic relations are the ones that bush appointed, so he still carries alot of the blame. wow that turned into a bush rant, but anyways, back to the question. who would you interview and why?
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