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Yeah. Native and pretty much all the Grand Rapids bands are pretty popular. They seem to be quite popular with kids who are into the DIY hardcore scene, but I really don't think any of them are DIY whatsoever. Its pretty obvious when you look at it. When I went to the Comadre show in GR, they played with La Dispute and Native and it was so full I couldn't even get in the door, there was at least a few hundred kids there, the place was absolutely packed. In fact, I was at Dudefest 07, and the crowd at the Comadre show here reminded me of Dudefest. Not to mention, almost all the kids there were maybe 15-16 and dressed like douchebags to the max. So yeah, there is absolutely no DIY element to any of those bands, outside of Comadre.
That's the la dispute fans. they're all little scene kids that suck ****, but both native and la dispute are great musicians and people. La Dispute especially has worked extremely hard to get where they are, and it's totally admirable. Native as well. If you can't see how that's emblematic of the DIY scene working and actually DOING something, then get bent.

I apologize for posting three times on the same thread, but a lot of these opinions are totally ****ed and no one knows what they're talking about.
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