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Originally Posted by lucifer_sam View Post
****in' A.

I love Led Zeppelin. I could go on for hours about how they are my favorite hard rock act ever, but I don't want to bore the pants off everyone. Just know this: If you hated everything Led Zeppelin ever did and thought they were utter trash, it should still be difficult to vote no. Their influence on modern rock is incredible. Though it would be inconceivable to say that the world wouldn't have any hard rock without Led Zeppelin, it would certainly be much, MUCH lamer.
One of the ways I like to describe them is "Considerably better then anyone else ever in their genre" To me bands like them The Beatles, Who, Floyd, Dylan etc. are automatics through the first round.

Are you as discouraged as me over all the "no" votes already? I get that people don't like them but I don't get how anyone would exclude them from nomination to the hall of fame, they are clearly a ton of Zeppelin fans here.
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