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Yeah, but then again, Jackson Pollock invested a lot of time and effort to make

^ This.

The thing with Beefheart is, you had other artists from that period like Zappa, Velvet Underground and King Crimson who were also making groundbreaking, innovative avant garde influenced rock music, but they still did a lot of stuff I find aesthetically pleasing. And that's where Beefheart falls short.

Beefheart's music has never touched me or blown me away and it doesn't make me want to dance. It doesn't really give me anything other then sheer fascination and amusement, like watching a train wreck. I had a phase where I listened to TMR all the time and now I don't really listen to it anymore. My favorite song is Moonlight on Vermont.

The thing with that album is, I think it's the most hilarious thing I've ever heard, but I'm slowly beginning to suspect that it wasn't actually meant to be funny, and that bothers me.

I still consider it a great album, because it's so unique, fascinating and it's certainly never boring. But genius?

Eh... I don't know about that.
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