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I want both. Albums are works of art, and yes, an album should have some loose sense of cohesion, think about London Calling or Rubber Soul, they aren't bound together by concepts, but by tone, and a build up of ENERGY. London Calling has a snowball effect of energy being built up so by the end, it's at a fever pitch. Funeral by Arcade Fire has grandiose tone shifts that release cathartic energy and builds it up again.

I hate to posit my theories and my hippy-like concept of musical energy, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this is what makes us like music: the emotional energy being transferred sonically to an individual, burrowing into their brain, which then sends out electrical signals, making people either want to move their body, makes people escape and forget their troubles, or use the music as some sort of catharsis and emotional therapy, like a shoulder to lean on.

If an album can achieve this than conceptual cohesion is not necessary, only tonal and emotional cohesion.
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