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Originally Posted by FireInCairo View Post
I never took your souls from you,
I was always prepared to fight.
I left you with dignity intact, and you betray me now?
We put our differences aside,
But now the light in your eyes goes out.

Give me glory, or give me death.
Give me glory, or give me death.

I will be greater than him,
I never settled for less.
We conquered the whole world, and you lose faith in me now?
Won't you put your differences aside?
Take courage from my eyes.

I never asked for this,
to be a son of Amon.
They tell me that I'm a god, and invincible.
It doesn't help that nagging doubt,
That my light might go out soon.
I like this....its good. (I once heard that, "A good composer isnt afraid to tell on themselves"), as to say....(keep on writing! you will only get better as you go).
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