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Originally Posted by jackhammer View Post
You know Jackhammer uses Emotional vibes against originality.
The same with me

I know Riverside little bit longer period than Porcupine Tree and I love them too. Some people say they aren't original, hmm... But their music is attractive for me and this is the important thing
My fave albums are Out of myself and live album Reality Dream. Third place is for new CD Anno Domini High Definition.
I love songs The Same River and Reality dream II. Than also O2 Panic Room, Schizophrenic Prayer, Hyperactive and I Believe.

Do you know also Lunatic Soul?

I love it too. It's another project of M. Duda, mixture of ambient and progressive music without electric guitars. Duda himself calls the sound “oriental-alternative”.
Some people like it more than Riverside because it's more original. Yes, it is. But if you like Riverside, you should try it and I think you will like Lunatic Soul too. And if you don't like Riverside, try it too - it's different so you may like it
That's a pity that this project is (meanwhile) only one album.
I can't post links yet but they have MySpace and they have lot of songs on Youtube, you can find it.
My favourite songs are Lunatic Soul and The New Beginning.
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