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Default Hello Goodnight Good Morning Goodbye

Hello everyone. I found this site while looking for some information on a band called the Don Martin Three and, well, I thought the site looked nice and I like music, so I put two and two together I am!

I have fairly eclectic taste in music and I'm fairly open to almost anything. That probably seems a bit overplayed on a music forum, but I promise it's true.

Anyway, I listen to mostly punk, ska, folk, emo, and hardcore...My roots go back to classic stuff like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. I'd have to say those are two of my favorite classic rock bands, alongside Audience, Warren Zevon, The Who, Pink Floyd, Cream...Lots of stuff like that. As of late, however, my favorite bands are ones such as The Arrogant Sons of Bitches, Cap'n Jazz, The Blood Brothers, Streetlight Manifesto, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Fugazi, Black Flag, Minor Threat, Screeching Weasel, The Queers, The Germs, Bomb the Music Industry!, The Clash...Ah, crap, there's a lot. But you get the idea.

Hopefully this is enough info to get things going. I love discussing music, so I plan on being around.
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