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You probably want a distortion or overdrive pedal of some kind. The pretty standard ones would be a Electro-Harmonix Big Muff, the Boss DS-2, or the Ibanez Tubescreamers, all of which sound good. You can get a pretty heavy sound out of the Boss DS-2, the Big Muff is more moderate, I know John Frusciante used one on the solo to Scar Tissue by RHCP so if you want to hear one listen to that. The tubescreamers are fairly gentle too.

Your best bet really is to look up which pedals the guitar players whose sound you want to emulate use. Just google their names followed by 'setup' or 'rig' and you should get some decent results.

You could always go to the music shop and try a few out too...

Also, your Line Six amp should have some effects onboard too, read the manual and figure out what it's capable of before you start buying other effects.
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