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Originally Posted by Darkwarzx View Post
can anyone suggest a good guitar effects pedal to use at a show?
the best effect pedal to use for a show is the one you use to practice with. after all it'll be the one(s) that you know best and are able to use to their fullest potential.

if you really don't have any clue on what kind of pedal to get, the musicophile's suggestion of checking out your idols' setups is a great place to start. BUT, just because one musician used a pedal one way doesn't mean it's all it's about. Frusciante using a big muff for the solo on Scar Tissue is a rather weak example of what that pedal does compared to just about anything the Smashing Pumpkins ever released. at the same time though, it's also indicative of the range of distortion tones those pedals offer.

for dry modern metal sounds you'll likely want some sort of distortion pedal that offers some level of EQ control. like a Boss Metal Zone or something - but ultimately, like any other piece of gear, the only way to find the right one for you is to actually go to the store and try out different things until you find the right one for your ears.
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