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Default Side Projects, Solo Albums & 'Other' Bands

In this thread I hope to look at various albums by what the title says.. Side Projects, Solo Albums & 'Other' Bands.

What do I mean by that? Well.

Side Projects - Self explanatory really side projects of people in existing bands.

Solo Albums - Again self explanatory, I will be doing my best to avoid well known solo artists. A few might slip in if they made albums before they became fully fledged solo artists or if their solo career largely remains forgotten about, but other than that it'll be kept to people who make albums while still in bands.

'Other' Bands - 'Other' bands basically means bands who became well known but under a different name and released material under a different name. A perfect example of this would be someone like Boys Next Door who later became known as and found success as The Birthday Party, Or a band like Dome, who were basically a reformed Wire with a more electronic sound. Or to give you another example the band The Wolfgang Press were made up when the bands Mass & In Camera merged together, so both those bands would also be included under this.

First album coming up soon.

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