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Default Which is the Best Pre-1985 Prog Epic?

Quite a few months ago, Anteater, Comus and me thought we'd make a poll to figure out which is the best prog epic. We discussed what epics should be in there and made an archive for the interested people of MB to download so they could listen to the ones they had not yet heard. However, somewhere along the way we forgot about it and the thread never got made. I just recently discovered the archive, though, so I'm upping it and making the thread!

I just noticed after upping it that my archive is, sadly, an incomplete version - it doesn't have all the tracks in it that it should have. For example, I can see Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells is not in there. Still, the file size is getting rather impressive so I'm not gonna rectify the problem.

The question is simple, which of these songs is your favourite pre-1985 prog epic?

If you wanna vote for something which is not in the list, please, let me know with a post and I'll put it up there. Some of the bands here have several "epics" and in those cases, we chose one. That doesn't mean we can't add them to the poll! I just don't want to spend time adding stuff noone will vote for, so only suggest additions to the poll if you're gonna vote for them!
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