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I love Thick as a Brick. The only downside to it is I feel like the song has a few fillers, parts that are less awesome. It's not that weird considering the length of the thing, but it's not a feature in my absolute favourites.

I should mention that Harmonium's "Histoires Sans Paroles" is bloody gorgeous. Those who got the comp and don't know it yet should check it out.

We had some criteria for what qualifies as a prog epic, but I can't quite remember what they were. Maybe Anteater does. It had of course something to do with the song length, I'm just not sure how long they had to be. Possibly something like 15 minutes or more.

edit :

By the way, I'm sorry about the poor quality of the comp. It's poorly tagged etc etc etc. If people think it would be good, I'll make a new one eventually and put on people's suggestions for additional songs and reup it!

edit again :

Hang on, Starless is only a bit more than 12 minutes and Poseidon's Creation is not even that. Seems our criteria was 10 minutes .. That's not very long for an epic!
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