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I have a hard time with Classic Country.... Because I can never figure out where the line is drawn to me its anything before Garth Brooks, but I figure it stops before the 80's or even early 90's I am not sure. Then on top of that I have a hard time with Albums because I always listened to country on the radio or the Jukebox, mostly on the Juke Box maybe a few greatest hits cassettes.

Ummm Anything David Allen Coe.... Big Coe Fan.

If I had to pick an album I guess Nothing Sacred but I pretty much love anything Coe.

I try to catch him every time when he comes through my city.... even though I hate the ****ty venue he plays.

Damn he looks rough... one of the weirdest acts I have seen considering a dude comes out and wipes the sweat off him every 5mins. Hes just getting real old I guess. but he still talks ****... He told a dude last time that he was gonna come down and whoop his ass, I dont know what it was over but Coe was Pissed.

I love the fact that I grew up to this..... My Uncle always played some Coe.

Presley can do some good Country as well.... I like Danny Okeefes Original is great and Waylon's I just picked Presley

Hank JR gets alot of Sh*t for doing the Monday Night Football but damn to me most of his work is Classic to me.

*EDIT DAMN I just realized this was in the Album Review section.. Sorry just never listened to albums to much.
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