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For the sake of discussion, I'll make an argument of why some music was better back then. Making it up as I go along ..

Music back in the late 60s and 70s (which I like) was not as derivative as it is now. Although the industry goes far back, music as something that really spoke to young people and gained the sort of status it has in our lives didn't really happen on super-large scale until the 60s. I regard the end of that decade and the early 70s to be sort of like a cambrian explosion of different styles. Music freed people in a way that had never been done before and the labels signed on all sorts of strange groups. They did oh so much cool stuff and that newfound passion found it's way into the recordings. You can find a way to get distortion on your hammond organ and play it like it was an electric guitar today too, but it's just not the cool and ballsy move it was back then when noone had done it before.

I also think the genres I like to listen to like hard rock and prog rock which can trace their origins back to that time sounded fresher then. It's not much of a mystery perhaps .. I listen to many of the same bands from later decades, but they're not as good then. Most bands seem to have an expiration date. Yes, Deep Purple, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Gentle Giant, Kate Bush, Frank Zappa and many many more were just better in the 70s than the 80s and later. Fans of such bands and artists' listening habits may be naturally drawn to these more distant times. Many of these bands still gain fans today and some are even still around.
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