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Originally Posted by mr dave View Post
is it really the music that got big? or the continual decrease in costs involved in recording and broadcasting the music that made it easier to spread around?

is it really the music that 'freed' people in the 60s? or the fact that most of their families had been broken / were recovering from the effects of that big war that ended at the end of the 40s. what was it called again? the one with Hitler. the patriarchal authority figure was no longer such a dominant effect on family and in turn society 'freeing' the kids to do whatever they wanted and to point their dirty fingers to 'the man' when they didn't want to have to get jobs after high school.

was it really a ballsy move to fuzz out a piano? or just a screw up by some burnout who connected the cables incorrectly? John Lennon gets credited for creating the 'backwards' guitar solo, he credits weed for being so wasted he put the tape in wrong prior to playback.
That's basically what I wrote ..

.. from the perspective of a sour cynic.
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