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Default Trying to find a song

Hopefully someone can help me... Ive been trying to find this song for quite awhile, but I guess it wasnt overly popular so google isnt helpful.
Trouble is, I dont know the name of it, or artist and cant think of an exact string of lyrics.
I do know it played on pop/r&b stations in Canada in early to mid 2005, and it's a song about death. If I remember correctly its basically supposed to be the person who died apologizing to everyone he left behind, or giving them words of wisdom. All I really remember was something not seeing the sunrise anymore, and something along the lines of seeing his moms face at the funeral, or not having to see disappointment on her face..

I know all that is SUPER vague, Im just hoping it strikes something in someones brain and theyll have an idea what song this is.
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