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Default The Charlatans - Over Rising single

1. Over Rising
2. Way Up Three
3. Happen to Die
4. Opportunity Three

Released 1991

Even though Some Friendly was one of my favorite albums in the early-90s I had not heard the non-album singles until recently. Maybe that’s because they weren't released in the US. If they were then the unsightly UK would have to be attached to their name, right? Anyway, it was extremely refreshing to find songs made in the time of Some Friendly after which I didn’t really enjoy the band much anymore.

Over Rising features three songs that aren’t on any albums (some are on later comps) and an extended remix of the already pretty psychedelic song ‘Opportunity’ from Some Friendly. When I first listened to Over Rising, I was sure that more than one of them are on Some Friendly (hey, it hasn’t been my favorite since 1991) and I even pulled out my CD to check the track names because the songs on Over Rising have that perfect sound that was only there for me on Some Friendly.

The title track has a lot of that softly thumping psychedelic organ that made the band great. The next song, ‘Way Up Three’ also sounds so damn familiar that I can hardly believe that it’s not on Some Friendly. The song has a slow dreamy, updated psychedelic sound that only this band and The Stone Roses perfected. The sound still drives me fucking crazy with joy. ‘Happen to Die’ is another one of those British pop songs that tells a sweetly sung story from the point of view of a cold-hearted sociopath. It’s also heavy on that organ sound. The single ends with ‘Opportunity Three’ which I already mentioned is a remix of ‘Opportunity’ although it hardly varies from the other version.

I’m slightly embarrassed that I hadn’t heard these songs until the last few months but I can hardly regret it because it allows me to hear new music that takes me directly back to my baggy-clothed past. Regardless of nostalgia, this single is a highly recommended 20-minute piece of the real deal.

Over Rising

Happen to Die
Like an arrow,
I was only passing through.

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